Hello! I’m Judy “JJ” Jacobs,

I’ve been exploring the world of art since the 1980s, experimenting with various styles from realistic still lifes to abstract expressions and landscapes, tranquil seascapes, and even some figurative work.

These days, I prefer painting simple, naive vessels in imaginary still-life settings. Think “kitchen art and dining decor with a touch of sophistication.”

I also make hand-built vessels, beads, and other objets d’art from clay as well as glass art.

When I’m not getting my hands dirty, you’ll find me teaching small classes in my home studio or spending time with my 17-year-old pup, Jackson Pollock.

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Tools of the Trade

“You use a glass mirror to see your face.

You use works of art to see your soul.”

– George Bernard Shaw

A colorful photo of a journal with color studies from primary paint colors

When I paint, every brushstroke and color blend is carefully crafted with professional artist supplies, including paints, paper, and canvases. This results in finished products that stand the test of time. Quality materials not only enhance the visual appeal of the artwork but also contribute to its durability, allowing my creations to maintain their vibrancy and character for years to come.

“I was lucky – I found what I loved to do early in life.”

— Steve Jobs