20 for 20 Art Challenge 2024 – Day 2

Day 2 for 20 for 20 Art Challenge 2024 by Judy Jacobs

It’s Day 2 of the 20 for 20 Art Challenge 2024 with the Kelly Anne Powers and the How to Paint podcast. Here’s my offering for today.

Day 2 of the Art Challenge 2024

Tubes and bottles of paint with a color chart

The key to this challenge is to paint 20 pieces in 20 days, utilizing a 20-minute time limit. You can paint anything you wish, then go back after 20 minutes and work longer if you wish.

My Theme For 20 For 20 Art Challenge 2024

My art challenge theme is chairs that I paint with only two complementary tubes of acrylic paint, then mixed with black and white. The substrates are pieces of Arches and Fabriano 300# watercolor paper. The surface has been painted over with Golden black gesso, and I am sketching simple chair drawings on them.

Here’s a photo of today’s setup:

Art challenge 2024 - setup by Judy Jacobs

And here is a close-up of the two complementary colors in today’s painting, in addition to black and white acrylic paints.

Today’s colors were: Golden Phthalo Blue (Green Shade); Golden Red Oxide (a very deep mineral orange); and Golden Titanium White. I didn’t use black today since I was able to mix it myself with the Phthalo Blue and Red Oxide.

Learning Experiences For Today:

So, I learned today that Titanium White is not a good mixing color to use with the Red Oxide. Red Oxide is actually made with minerals, so blending the paint with Titanium White meant having to do several layers to achieve a smooth look. All of the paints I used today are fluids, so that could have contributed the problem.

The Phthalo Blue and Titanium White went down just fine.

And a beautiful black can be made with just Phthalo Blue + Red Oxide!

Lastly – keep a hair dryer handy. I was rushing to finish in 20 minutes and had zero time (or patience) to wait for the light colors to dry.

Time’s Up – Here’s What 20 Minutes Looks Like

Day 2 - 20-minute mark of chair painting

Here’s a closeup of the painting at the 20-minute mark. I could have worked longer on it but my frustration level at the streaking told me to stop.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be easier. And I’ll try to remember to post a drawing of the painting before I get started 🙂

Please follow my Instagram page for more photos! And if you want to see yesterday’s offering for the challenge, then check it out here!

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