20 For 20 Art Challenge 2024 – Day 1

Day 1 for 20 for 20 Art Challenge 2024

After several years of a creative sabbatical from painting, I decided to join the 20 for 20 Art Challenge 2024. I love doing art challenges because they force me to be creative, and above all, I get to learn new things.

Here’s My Personal Art Challenge 2024!

Paints, chair sketch, brushes and a palette knife on a table

This particular challenge is with The Learn to Paint Podcast host, Kelly Anne Powers. (If you haven’t heard her podcast, check it out here!)

The key to this challenge is to paint 20 pieces in 20 days, utilizing a 20-minute time limit. You can paint anything you wish, then go back after 20 minutes and work longer if you wish.

Specific Details of My Art Challenge 2024

I opted to paint chairs using only two complementary tubes of acrylic paint, plus black and white. The substrates are pieces of Arches and Fabriano 300# watercolor paper (I ripped old paintings apart!). The surface has been painted over with Golden black gesso, and I am sketching simple chair drawings on them.

Here’s a photo of my setup:

art supplies on a sheet of canvas with a chair sketch by Judy Jacobs for Art Challenge 2024

And here is a close-up of the two complementary colors I used, in addition to black and white acrylic paints.

tubes of paint, a color wheel, and a palette knife

I am mixing the colors on a sheet of plastic, then recording them in a wire-bound sketchbook. This exercise is taking me back to Design 101 days in college, only I’m not getting graded!

Mixing green and red with white and black on a sheet of plastic

The range of colors you can achieve with just a couple of tubes of paint, black, and white, is surprising! Furthermore, by limiting the colors, I can easily mix and match more paint when I run out.

Sketchbook with color samples, a painting, and some paints

The photo below shows a closeup of the painting at the 20-minute mark. It’s not finished because there are a couple of cross-braces that need to be added to the piece.

Time’s Up – Here’s What 20 Minutes Looks Like

close up of pink and green chair painting for Art Challenge 2024

This is where I started getting in a little trouble…..I needed to work on the values, and it took me a couple of tries before I got it right.

Adding crossbars to a chair painting

Before I knew it, the pink and green-gray colors were the same values and became hard to discern.

Value challenges on a painting of a chair

I walked away for a bit and let the piece dry. I was hoping the paint would dry darker on the far left leg of the chair, but no such luck. So I mixed up another batch of gray-green, and this time, it worked!

small painting on paper with a Pink background with green-gray chair

I’m certainly not going to win any prizes for this piece, nor is it going up for sale in my shop! But it was a fun exercise and a learning experience for me.

And, after all, isn’t that what art challenges are all about?

I’m excited to see if things get easier tomorrow. I’ll be posting each day’s offering on the blog, so you can follow here or my Instagram page!

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  1. Thank you for the beautifully detailed explanation of your art process. I really enjoyed seeing the gorgeous photos and different stages of your paintings. This post is so inspiring. Thank you so much!

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