Day 19 – 20 For 20 Art Challenge 2024

Green chair painting by Judy Jacobs for day 19 of 20 for 20 art challenge 2024

It is Friday, January 19, 2024, and it’s Day 19 of the 20 for 20 Art Challenge 2024. It’s hard to believe there’s only one day left before the challenge is over!

Yellow green chair painting by Judy Jacobs for art challenge 2024

Guidelines For the Art Challenge 2024

This art challenge is with Kelly Anne Powers and the How to Paint podcast. The point is to paint 20 pieces in 20 days, using a 20-minute time limit. You can paint anything you wish and then return after 20 minutes and work longer if you wish.

The host offers an inspiration package that comes complete with prompts and ideas for each daily painting. However, I wanted to challenge myself differently, and am having no problem coming up with ideas for chair drawings!

My Theme For 20 For 20 Art Challenge 2024

For the challenge, I’m painting chairs using only two complementary tubes of acrylic paint, then blending the paint with black and white.

The substrates are square 5″ x 5″ pieces of Arches and Fabriano 300# watercolor paper made from old paintings. The paper is hand-torn to give it the deckled edges, which I love!

Finally, I used golden black gesso to cover the old paintings, and the chair sketches were done with Posca Markers.

Initial Inspiration and Sketch

Here’s a photo of today’s sketch:

Rough sketch of a chair by Judy Jacobs

Today’s Setup for Art Challenge 2024

Here’s a photo of today’s setup, including the paints I use and the preliminary sketch made with Posca Markers.

chair sketch, color wheel, and four tubes of acrylic paints

Here is a close-up of the two complementary colors for today’s painting, then mixing them with black and white acrylic paints.

Four tubes of acrylic paint

Today’s complementary colors are both Winsor & Newton – Pale Violet and Azo Yellow Medium. These colors are then mixed with Utrecht Mars Black and Utrecht Bright White.

Learning Experiences For Today:

The Pale Violet color must be about 20 years old because it was very thick and needed emulsification to spread properly. So, I added some Liquitex Matte medium, which helped bring it back to normal again. That said, though, the Azo Yellow is very dense and makes a beautiful lime green when mixed with black and white.

Time’s Up – Here’s What 20 Minutes Looks Like

Painting progress of chair at 20 minute mark

Here’s a closeup of the painting at the 20-minute mark, and I wish I placed the floor further down. It conflicts with the crossbars of the legs and is awkward. However, I do love the lower-leg look with the gesso and markers!!

Here’s the Final Version.

green chair painting by Judy Jacobs for Art Challenge 2024

In addition, here are some of the colors I was able to mix using today’s paint colors.

Please follow my Instagram page for more photos! And if you want to see yesterday’s offering for the challenge, then check it out here!

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